About us

Spiritus Belgians started with the purchase of our first Belgian Shepherd in 2001. Of course, having never owned a Belgian before, we were amazed at the dog Shay was. As a puppy he was social and outgoing and willing to try anything and meet anyone. As he grew up, he was completely and totally devoted to his people, and twice in his lifetime warned us of something "off" in a person. We always felt completely safe when Shay was around. Shay was a Group Winner. He had multiple Puppy Group wins as a pup, and many, many Group placements as an adult. He also had his first level obedience titles in both the Canadian show ring and the UKC show ring. The only thing that stopped him from going further was me. By the time he died, he was UCD, Can. Group Winning/Multi-Group Placing CH. Teseko's Faithful As My Shadow CD CGN HIC.


The dogs of Spiritus are carefully selected for their character: their ease in social transitions, workability, biddability, drive, and attention. Our goal is to produce puppies that can be taken anywhere, that can work, or lay down, or pay attention - whatever is asked of them. We believe in a Belgian that can be part of the family, and out working stock, and doing obedience, and running agility, and doing anything else you wish to do with your Belgian. All of our dogs are CERF'd annually or prior to breeding, and have their hips and elbows xrayed and certified at the age of two years by the Western College of Veterinary Medicine in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan or OFA. A scanned copy of the WCVM certificate is available on this site for each dog over two years of age while OFA results are available on the OFA website. Knowing that we differ from most of North America by prefering the use of WCVM ratings, Spiritus is happy to provide the phone number for WCVM and give permission to the radiologists to discuss xrays to anyone wanting to ask questions and/or verify ratings, whether you are considering adding a Spiritus puppy to your family, or considering breeding to our available boys.